Kylyn Royeras, another Victim of Suicide due to Depression #SuicideAwareness

Kylyn Royeras, the latest victim of depression who took her own life. There are lots of posts about Kylyn Royeras whom they said sufferes postpartum depression which lead her to commit suicide.

Please keep talking to your loveones and have a bonding to your family. 

In a post of Lovelyn Lorania, she said that Kylyn end her life.

Postpartum Depression and pre-menstrual symptoms ain't easy, which commonly include mood swings this is natural for woman, being sometimes irritable,do  crying spells, having anxiety & strssed... So please guys, understand us woman no matter what... Especially those woman na kapapanganak pa Lang...

This is the reason why you always have to check your wives, friends or family members...kamustahin, intindihin, kausapin iparamdam ang pagmamahal  🥺


Please have care with your loved ones before it's too late...Prayers🙏


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