Why People Can't Get Over from Watching Crash Landing on You TV Series? My Reason

Why did so many people can't get over after watching Korean TV series Crash Landing on You #CLOY? Several people are watching the movie several times because of the impact on their feelings and the emotions they felt. It is something that people have been waiting in a drama with full of twists and surprises and also the differences of the two on how they will manage to continue their love.

I myself watched and of course it's my first time to watch a series, a love story but Crash Landing on You didn't fail me. The story of Ri Jeong Hyeok and Yoon Se-ri was very precise and it's very amazing. Couldn't help myself but to admire all the team specially the director, writers, staffs and the stars.

"Yong feeling that you can relate and attach yourself to the story. The aura of the Captain Ri and Yoon Se-ri is perfect and both characters are lovable. My reason why I can't get over of #CLOY and watch it all over again for several times is that I feel like it's the first time I see story like this that really touches my heart. I never skipped even a single second in this move. I also love the songs, the timings, place and specially the thing we call " DESTINY" inside that movie. The story just prove that no borders can stop love.

Crash Landing on You became the top rated TVN k-series of all time and it is one of the most popular tv shows being made and published worldwide through netflix. It is still in the top spot for several months now and viewers are demanding a season two because they want to know how their life be and fans want to see them get married.

Are you done watching Crash Landing on You? What's your best part of the story? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. every part. the kdrama that does not only crash landed but captivated the heart of many people worldwide. RiRi couple is the best