Watches Featured on 'Crash Landing on You' Revealed to Be from Luxury Brand Chopard, Their Prices will Make Your Jaws Drop

Luxury watch brand used in Crash Landing on You. "Chopard"
They are expensive. So expensive. 
If you have been following tvN's ongoing drama 'Crash Landing on You,' you must be aware of these two watches. They somewhat play important roles in the big picture of the story.

The first one is Yoon Seri (played by Son Yejin)'s leather watch. In the 5th episode, Yoon Seri went to a pawn shop and tried to sell her self-proclaimed limited edition watch. However, since it's North Korea, she was failed to sell it at a high price. The watch is, in fact, from Chopard. The retail price of the watch is KRW 7,910,000 (approximately USD 6,820).

Another watch that we cannot forget from the drama is the one Ri Junghyuk (played by Hyun Bin) gave to his older brother Ri Muhyuk (played by Ha Sukjin). The watch is also from Chopard. The design is from the brand's 1980 collection. The price was KRW 15,000,000 (approximately USD 12,945). However, since it's getting harder to find the product, there are several collectors that sell the watch up until USD 20,000 at second-hand shops. 


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