Honest Review for Teology Cafe in Minglanilla, Cebu - Best or Worst?

Let's have a quick review about TEOLOGY CAFE in MINGLANILLA. Sa tinud-anay lang ni na review and this doesn't come with any monetary value.  I've been longing to have some milktea since start pag-QUARANTINE kay most of the businesses are closed. Right now TEOLOGY is now open so I try to have one with my favorite flavor, the OREO with pearl milktea. Again TEOLOGY never fails me kay sa wakas nakatilaw najud kog balik  and for me their flavors, sweetness kay tamang-tama ra jud.

You can try to have some of their best sellers and for those who are longing to have a milktea, you can visit them or order via (ambot unsay available na delivery service. hehehe)

As more businesses are opening their doors and resumes operation, a new norm of dining in is being observed. TEOLOGY CAFE is getting back to business and they are offering you their best milktea and frapped and other foods.

Thanks for the great food and milktea TEOLOGY CAFE. Sa sunod napud dine-in.


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