IMPORTANT: What You Should Not Eat or DO Before and After COVID-19 Vaccine

 Before we get vaccinated, it is important that we know what we should not eat and what we should eat before and after COVID-19 Vaccine. Every people is encouraged to get vaccinated and that's why we are here to guide what you should eat and not to eat when you get the vaccine.

The most common foods and things that experts advised that should be AVOIDED:


👉Going for the vaccination empty stomach

👉Alcohol - Bawal ang inum og mao jud ni sundon for 2 Weeks

👉Caffeinated beverages

Should you do EXERCISE after the Vaccination?

Rest is of utmost importance, especially if you aren't feeling great after getting vaccinated. But if you're up for it, "Get some form of exercise. Not everyone is up for a hard workout but even going for a brisk walk gets your circulation going, which is good for priming your health defenses,

THE most advisable foods things also that you are going to take and do before vaccination are as follows:

👉Sleep well the night before vaccination

👉Get Hydrated (meaning inum og daghang tubig)

👉Ginger and Turmeric

👉Green vegetables

👉Fresh fruits

👉Dark chocolate

👉Chicken/vegetable broth soup


Eating a variety of anti-inflammatory foods like fruits, vegetables, fatty fish, nuts and seeds is always a good idea but isn't likely to boost the efficacy of the COVID vaccine or minimize your symptoms afterwards. The most important things to do are get a good night of sleep the night before your vaccine, avoid alcohol the day before and day of the vaccine, and stay hydrated.


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