Experience the Best Nature and Adventure at Manayon Peak by #TeamPBG in Pedals - Beauty of Cebu


Good Day ka-Beauty

I want to share with you the beauty of nature and experience one of the best adventures above the mountain in Manayon Peak. The peak is best for mountain trekkers, campers, motor lovers, and cyclists who wish to unwind and have a rest escaping city life. This adventure using pedals is done by Bikers in Minglanilla, the Team PBG (Pasingot Bikers). 

Why Manayon Peak?

Simple rajud kaayo ang answer, it is because pure natural, wala pajud maabuse ang environment, very amazing ang palibot og makarelax jud ka sa lugar. It is totally different from my point of view maong recommended jud siya guys!

Cebu really offers you all in one package in terms of beaches, waterfalls, caves and adventurous places like Manayon Peak. #TeamPBG using their bikes let us see the beauty of the peak and it is very awesome. Grabeh! kanindot sa lugar and it is not yet abused unlike sa uban peak and hills nga hugaw og nangamatay na ang mga plants because of the tourists. Thanks to sir Milo and Boss Scott for the great adventure at Manayon Peak


Manayon Peak is located in Balirong, City of Naga, Cebu and for those planning nga moanhi is dili jud mo magmahay tungod sa kanindot sa place. The Team PBG photos will tell you how amazing og kanindot campingan sa maong peak. 

What to bring before you get there?

Bring foods and water kay wala jud duol2x na place nga imong mapalitan. Bring also mga first aid kits and tents for emergency purposes. 

For those who plan to go there is ayaw lang jud ninyo hugaw-hugawi ang place. Leave nothing but footsteps and please ang inyong basura is dad-a og ayaw ibilin.

See some photos below.

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”


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