Bag-ong Suroyanan: The Harbor Lane, Naga Park and Board Walk in Naga City, Cebu WOW!

The Harbor Lane Naga Park and Board Walk in City of Naga, Cebu. This is the new look and renovation of this popular tourist attraction of the south. You should not miss this new place for your family and friends bonding kay gawas nga hamugaway, nindot pajud kaayo og di naka magproblema sa mga pagkaon kay naa ra diha sa park tanan.

Naga City, Cebu's board walk and park is one of the best place and even got into the hot popular places in Cebu tourist attractions. Now, they add another place, the Harbor Lane mao nga ayaw jud ninto palabya ang kahigayonan nga  mobisita diri kay it is a best place to relax and unwind. 

Super nindot nga place for your family and friends specially nga haduol na ang yuletide season og christmas season. Surely the officials of Naga will make a surprise attractions and designs just what they did in the previous years.

Naga City, Cebu is now one of the best place for tourists in Cebu and they will not stop to make you feel comfortable and safe when you visit the city. Thank you very much for the officials.

Dali na bai Suroy ta sa Naga Cebu, sa ilang board walk and the Harbor Lane




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