Librew Cafe Milktea and Unli Chicken Wings in 4 Flavors is a Hit - Try it Now


Another milktea and food spot you can try is the Librew Cafe - Milktea and Coffee located in Linao Lawaan Talisay City, Cebu. Librew Cafe is known for its signature milktea flavors and specialties. 

A well-known milktea place to chill and relax while you enjoy with your friends. Let me rate their milkteas and place, hmmmmmm? All I can say is their milkteas is excellent and their place is good in ambiance and hamugaway.

Before I forget, aside from their milkteas, LIBREW also offers their best sellers food, Unlimited Chicken Wings for only 209 Pesos

Four flavors you can choose and rest assure nga moburot jud nang tiyan nimu kinaon og Unli Chicken Wings.

Pros: Mabusog kag kinaon and at the same time four flavors you can choose. 

Cons: Wala nila gisagol ang sauce or flavor sa pagluto unlike sa uban nga they served with flavors. Ang ilaha is flavors of the chicken is thru DIP. Ituslod nimu ang chicken on what flavors you like.

Arats na mga maam og sir. Try Librew Cafe located at Linao, Talisay City, Cebu

Arats na mga maam og sir.


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