Diskarte Post: How to Compliment a Girl Over Text - 10 Most Kilig Text Messages and Quotes

 Beauty of Cebu is not just about nature but also about feelings. So, we are listing the top possible compliments for girls over text and these texts will surely make her 100% kilig. We Pinoys really love to send love quotes and romatic text messages.

Flirting or complementing a female, on the other hand, is a talent that all males should acquire. With the proper compliments, you may make her feel valued. It might be a wonderful approach to send her a clear message that you want to be more than just buddies romantically. Also, praising your partner or crush frequently might help you build a better relationship.

We’ve created a list of the finest compliments for women.

  • I’d be obese if I had a candy bar for every time I thought about you.
  • Every time I think of you, my heart skips a beat.
  • Even though I can’t see you right now, I know you’re hot.
  • I’d like to touch you.
  • Your body is a magical place.
  • Your creative talent and inventiveness astound me.
  • Your intellect is as enticing as your body.
  • Just one look at you convinces me that you’re a fantastic leader.
  • There’s something about you that makes me feel so good. You are a good-natured, happy, and nice person to be around, even at tough times in my life.
  • I see kindness and intellect in your eyes every time I look at you.
  • You have a natural flair for putting together the most beautiful ensembles.
  • I admire your self-assurance. It just adds to my attraction to you.
  • You’re constantly learning new things and striving to improve yourself, which is fantastic.


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