Rainy Christmas: Typhoon Paolo Threatens Visayas and Mindanao Again


UPDATES: If not dissolve, Typhoon Paolo threatens again the Visayas and Mindanao region similar path where Super Typhoon Odette destroyed thousands of houses and killed over 200 people.


A new Low Pressure Area has been formed and monitored now in the Pacific Ocean that is east of #Mindanao and possibly enter PAR this coming Wednesday, not taking away the possibility that it will become strong and become a complete storm.

Based on weather models, it is possible that the said bad weather will move when it enters PAR near Mindanao or the #CARAGA Region on Christmas day (Dec. 25), where the past typhoon #OdettePH was already tasting.

The next name of the storm that PAGASA will use is ′′ PAOLO ".

Let's continue to watch the said new bad weather outside PAR, because it is still possible to change the data regarding this in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Typhoon #Rai or former typhoon ′′ ODETTE ′′ continues to weaken in SCS and is expected to move closer to #SouthernChina in the next hours.

ctto: Philippine Weather System/Pacific Storm Update


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