Tara! Byahe ta sa Olango Island Cebu - Beach, Camping Site, Wildlife Sanctuary


TeamPBG level-up their travel adventure as they explore the beauty of Olango Island in Cebu. Olango has something to offer that you must see and experience specially the wildlife sanctuary and the camping site 

Tara! byahe ta og atong lantawon Ang kanindot sa Olango Island. Take a look some of the photos of their trip.

‼️How much does it costs to travel going to Olango Island?
"This costing is only for those who have their own motorcycle and based on our personal experience"

👉 Fare of barg 250 Pesos (motorcycle and driver)
👉 Passenger 36 Pesos (each passenger)
👉 Port Fee 40 Pesos (pax)

That's all you need for a one way fare expenses with your own motorcycle



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  1. Ang port is mao bana sa angasil mosakay? Kay pag-adto namo Gamay man ang bangka kuyaw sa motor