Here are the Top 10 Waterfalls in the Philippines you Must Visit - Alam Mo Na!


The Philippines is blessed with an abundance of stunning waterfalls that showcase the country's natural beauty. While it's challenging to narrow it down to just ten, here is a list of some of the top waterfalls in the Philippines:

1. Kawasan Falls (Cebu) - Located in Badian, Cebu, Kawasan Falls is renowned for its multi-tiered cascades and turquoise-colored pools. It offers a mesmerizing sight and the opportunity for canyoneering adventures.

2. Pagsanjan Falls (Laguna) - Known as one of the most famous waterfalls in the Philippines, Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna offers a thrilling boat ride through a narrow gorge, passing by lush vegetation before reaching the majestic falls.

3. Tinuy-an Falls (Surigao del Sur) - Dubbed as the "Little Niagara of the Philippines," Tinuy-an Falls features a wide curtain-like cascade, creating a mesmerizing display of water flowing into several levels.

4. Aliwagwag Falls (Davao Oriental) - Situated in Cateel, Davao Oriental, Aliwagwag Falls is a breathtaking series of cascades that spans over 1,110 feet in height, making it one of the tallest waterfalls in the Philippines.

5. Maria Cristina Falls (Iligan City) - Found in Iligan City, Maria Cristina Falls is a majestic waterfall that is often referred to as the "Twin Falls" due to the two parallel streams of water plunging into the Agus River.

6. Tumalog Falls (Cebu) - Located in Oslob, Cebu, Tumalog Falls captivates visitors with its ethereal beauty. The thin curtain of water gently cascades down a wall of green ferns, creating a fairy-tale-like atmosphere.

7. Hinulugan Falls (Laguna) - Nestled in Cavinti, Laguna, Hinulugan Falls showcases a magnificent drop of water that plunges into a serene turquoise pool. Its beauty is enhanced by the lush surroundings and the cave-like formation behind the falls.

8. Cambugahay Falls (Siquijor) - Found in Siquijor, Cambugahay Falls is a three-tiered waterfall with turquoise natural pools. Visitors can enjoy swimming, rope swings, and bamboo rafts, creating a fun and relaxing experience.

9. Asik-Asik Falls (Cotabato) - Located in Alamada, North Cotabato, Asik-Asik Falls is a mesmerizing curtain-like waterfall that emerges from the lush green cliffside, creating a picturesque and enchanting sight.

10. Tappiya Falls (Batad, Ifugao) - Tappiya Falls is nestled within the stunning rice terraces of Batad, Ifugao. This remote and pristine waterfall requires a trek through picturesque landscapes, rewarding visitors with a refreshing swim in its emerald waters.

These ten waterfalls represent just a fraction of the magnificent waterfalls that adorn the Philippine archipelago. Each one offers a unique and awe-inspiring experience, showcasing the natural wonders that make the Philippines a true paradise for nature lovers.


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