Southern Cebu's Cascading Delights: Best Waterfalls for Every Adventurer

Southern Cebu is a haven for waterfall enthusiasts, boasting hidden gems and jaw-dropping cascades waiting to be discovered.

Whether you seek adrenaline-filled canyoneering or a serene dip in hidden pools, Southern Cebu's waterfalls promise an unforgettable adventure for every nature lover.

Beyond the individual beauty of each cascade, Southern Cebu's waterfalls offer a unique chance to experience the island's diverse landscapes.

Waterfalls in Southern Cebu:

*Tumalog Falls - Oslob

*Mantayupan Falls - Barili

*Inambakan Falls - Ginatilan

*Bugnawan Falls - Ginatilan

*Kabutongan Falls - Ginatilan

*Cambais Falls - Alegria

*Kawasan Falls - Badian

*Aguinid Falls - Samboan

*Lusno Falls - Ronda

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