All About SM Seaside City Arena: Cebu's Soon-to-Be Biggest Entertainment Hub

Are you ready for the SM Seaside City Arena, the biggest indoor arena in Cebu.

Calling all Cebuanos and concert enthusiasts! The Queen City of the South is gearing up for a grand entertainment venue – the SM Seaside City Arena. Here's a rundown of everything you need to know about this future hotspot:

A Massive Stage for Big Events

SM Seaside City Arena is designed to be a behemoth in the entertainment industry. With a projected seating capacity of a whopping 16,000, it's poised to become the biggest indoor arena in Cebu once completed.

A Venue for All Occasions

This multipurpose arena won't limit itself to just concerts. The plan is to host a wide range of events, including:

Local and international concerts: From chart-topping pop stars to legendary bands, the arena will be a platform for music lovers to witness their idols live.

Sporting events: Get ready for action-packed games like basketball (potentially hosting Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. or PBA games) and other indoor sporting events.

International conventions: The spacious arena can accommodate large-scale conferences and gatherings, boosting Cebu's MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) tourism.

From Drawing Board to Reality

The construction of SM Seaside City Arena initially faced some setbacks. First proposed in 2013, plans were put on hold in 2017. Thankfully, there was a revival in late 2019. This time around, the arena will be situated in South Road Properties (SRP), an adjacent mixed-use development, instead of within the SM Seaside City complex itself.

Construction is currently underway, and SM Seaside City Arena is expected to be completed sometime in 2025. While an exact opening date hasn't been announced yet, Cebuanos can definitely look forward to a future filled with exciting events at this grand venue.

The Arena's Impact on Cebu

The completion of SM Seaside City Arena is anticipated to bring a significant boost to Cebu's entertainment and tourism scene. It will provide a platform for local talents to shine on a bigger stage, attract international artists and events, and position Cebu as a major player in the Philippine MICE industry.

Stay Updated!

While we wait for the official opening, keep an eye out for announcements from SM Prime Holdings or follow reputable Cebu news sources for the latest updates on SM Seaside City Arena.


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