Is Online Casino Games Scam or Legit? Review, Proof of Payment Free 700 Pesos is paying you and it's not a scam. You will earn 10$ or more per day by playing their online shot and poker games.

You may already heard about which is an online casino game site and company based in the Philippines. Based on its admin and members, they earned much money ($$$) just by joining, referrals and playing games.

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But is 711Bet is Legit or just another scam site?

Based on our research, 711bet is an online casino and will really pay its members. A lot of vloggers also endorsing the platform to join the thousands of players and members.

They offer as low as 100 Pesos initial deposit with 50 Pesos cashback or FREE. Well, that's a huge money but as I've said, no guarantee you can receive the money. It could be members or this site have not yet posted receipt of payment.

Sample earnings from its members

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The site has less viewers and visitor and they have less help to their viewers. Since the site is still very new, we cannot give you details until updates.

It's up to you if you sign up or invest in this system but in case you will invest money make sure you'll never regret.

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Don't forget to read our updates para hindi ka ma-scam.

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