Fort San Pedro Cebu

Fort San Pedro is the smallest and oldest triangular citadel fort in the country and was built in 1738 to repel Muslim raiders. It served as a stronghold for Filipino revolutionaries and has a total interior area of 2, 2025 sq. Meters. Work first started on May 8, 1565 with Miguel Lopez De Legaspi's plowing the ground. Commodore George Dewey, after the battle of Manila Bay, handed the fort to the local Cebuanos and gradually it was transformed in to an American Warwick Barracks for the American Regime. During World War II (1941 to 1945), it acted as fortification or strong hold for Japanese soldiers, and the fort served as an army camp when the battle for liberation was fought.

Within the ruins of the fort of San Pedro you will find natures beauty and greenery taking its course in appealing you and you will be amazed to see the beauty of the old and ruined monuments and the facade of lush greenery enhancing its appearance. You will also get a clear idea about the architecture and the usage of the types of materials in the making of the fort. The area covered by the garden in the fort gives out the impression of a some what well maintained portion and presently serves well as a picnic spot where you can relax and have snacks with your family along the ruins of the fort which offers a highly stretched out arena of greenery for the kids to play around. Presently the fort is made into a museum. Inside, the fort protects the legacies of the Spanish Government including the well maintained Spanish artifacts like, Spanish documents, Paintings, Sculptures, cannons, Chapel, prison dungeons, living rooms, bedrooms, school rooms and oasis garden. A large statue of Legazpi and Antonio Pigafetta is made top stand outside the fort. The museum also contains old coins. The fort is situated next to another city landmark, Plaza Independencia. An ancient Spanish cannon still stands at a gun enclosure on one side of the fort facing the sea. To enjoy more of the beauty of the past relics in Cebu visit Fort San Pedro at, Pier Area , Cebu City, Cebu, Visayas, Philippines.

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