Guadalupe Cave

Cebu, a part of Philippines is a popular tourist destination in Far East Asia. The island was once under the Spanish domination and therefore some of the best tourist attractions in the island are relics of the Spanish rule. With the Spaniards came Christianity, most of the locals including the native ruler were converted. The people of this island still retain that earnestness when it comes to religious matters.
Guadalupe Cave, Cebu, is one of major attractions of the island in the religious context.Guadalupe Cave is a small cave where one has to line up to enter. Further to enter you have to cover your head with Our Lady of Guadalupe's blue veil to ameliorate your sorrow.

 The image found in Guadalupe Cave narrates that Cebuano forefathers hid the image there out of fear. They thought that it might be taken back by the Spaniards or dishonored by non-believing people. The image in the cave was slipped from public memory until a local wild chicken trapper found it by chance. The image was eventually placed in a chapel. This is the same place where the present Guadalupe Parish Church stands. The cave, meanwhile, was left unattended until a patron who remains anonymous offered to refurbish it. In 1977, parish priest Rev. Msgr. Esteban S. Binghay had it blessed. The water dripping from the cave is said to have healing powers and a pilgrimage to the cave is said to grant the believer's wish. To visit this cave, you must come to Langub, Kalunasan, Guadalupe, Cebu City.

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