New York, the City that Never Sleeps - Perfect Guide and be Amaze

New York, what a wonderful town! Call it what you will, there’s no disputing New York is one amazing place. And there’s a wealth of information available on what to do and see in New York, so we have selected the best bits in this essential travel guide to New York City. More than eight million people from every nation on earth live in the Five Boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island, and New York City is safer, cleaner, friendlier, richer and more stylish than ever before.
Top five things to do in New York

Central Park

It goes without saying really, but a it would be crime to miss out on, whatever the length of your trip. If you are lucky, your first view will be from the air as you fly into the city, where you can really appreciate this 843 acre green oasis of peace and quiet in this vast urbania. Join the locals in a jog, some in-line skating or take a picnic and watch the world go by. There are things to do in winter when the lush green park is transformed into a white blank canvas, where ice skating and cross country skiing combine with a midnight run on New Year's Eve.

Empire State Building
For unrivalled views and an iconic trip it’s got to be a visit to New York's skyline's most famous skyscraper. High-speed automatic elevators take you up to the 86th floor observatory 1,050 ft (320 m) high in the sky. It’s worth paying a bit more for the audio tour as there isn’t much information up top. Keep an eye on the tower at night; it might just surprise you, as the colours of the lights are changed regularly.
Statue of Liberty
Take a boat out to Liberty Island in New York Harbour and pay a visit to the original first lady, the ultimate symbol of New York. You would be surprised how many locals haven’t done this. To avoid lots of waiting around book your tickets ahead and try and make it in the morning when there are less people about.
Brooklyn Bridge
Take a walk across this historic and fascinating bridge. Manhattan has five major bridges linking the island to the mainland, but the Brooklyn is the most famous and really worth a visit just to take in the fantastic views of Downtown Manhattan and New York Harbour.

No trip to New York would be complete without a spot of retail therapy, and even if you haven’t the budget to cover it, just go and marvel at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales or Macy’s, to name drop but a few. Fifth Avenue is New York City's must-see shopping destination, filled with a mix of upscale boutiques, well-known chains, and attractions such as the Rockefeller Centre and St. Patrick's Cathedral, if you can only do one shopping street in New York, make it this one.
Where to stay in New York
You will struggle to find any cheap sleeps in New York but there is always a bargain to be had, just don’t expect room service, a room with a view and space to throw around the cat. Some of the most expensive hotels in the city are clustered along Fifth Avenue near the entrance to Central Park. For those wishing to soak up the spectacle of Broadway, Times Square offers numerous options for the busy traveller. If you are staying over the weekend, head for the Wall Street area which is mainly geared towards business travellers, so you may find a more acceptable price tag.

Where to eat and drink in New York
Picking a place to eat in New York City is a food lover’s dream, with so much choice and quality on offer. Chinatown between Grand Street to the north and Worth Street to the south features colourful food stores with authentic cuisine. Super cool Nolita, which is north of Little Italy, provides bars and French caf├ęs on trendy Elizabeth and Motts Streets. Take a trip to Chelsea Market, a gourmet food fan’s delight with fresh food a plenty, and then pop next door to the cookie factory for dessert. In its simplest pleasures, you really can’t beat a hot dog in Central Park.

How to get around New York
It’s got to be a yellow cab for a true New Yorker experience but this can get expensive, so once you’ve done it for the novelty value you will find both buses and the subway will provide you with fast, efficient travel. Get a Metro Card so you can travel all day on both the subway and the city buses, these are available on the bus and from machines at subway stations.

The best time to visit New York
New York has heaps of charm all year round, so it’s a case of choose your season, and you won’t be disappointed. Go Christmas time for some unbeatable festive shopping, ice skating in Central Park, and a fantastic seasonal atmosphere – but get well wrapped up to beat the winter chill. Summertime brings the crowds and the sort of hot humid weather that drives the locals out to the beaches, but the warmer temperatures and lack of rain leaves you open to a whole host of outdoor activities.

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