Try These Exotic Foods in Pampanga, Philippines - More Fun in Philippines

(Beauty of Pampanga, Philippines)
By Kaye Mangabat
Pampanga is named after the longest river in Central Luzon, the Indung Kapampangan River. The river is also the second longest in the whole of Luzon. Pampanga is a historic province created in 1571 by the Spaniards.
The province is also considered a culinary hub especially for exotic dishes.
Here are a few towns that you can visit in Pampanga as well as the unique and exotic dishes that you will find.
San Fernando- If you are looking for exotic delicacies, San Fernando is a place to stop by. Cely’s Carinderia offers kamaru (crickets) and the famous betute tugak (deep fried stuffed frogs). The restaurant also offers a slew of other Kapampangan dishes.

 Paguiran - Remzon’s Organic Products & Deli Shop found in this town offers a different twist of ice cream. Pesto-flavored organic ice cream is a good treat for people keeping track of their calorie intakes. The pesto ice cream is a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty after.
Angeles City- You can visit Camalig Restaurant one of the first pizzerias in Pampanga during the 1980s.Camalig Restaurant is famous for its Kapampangan-flavored varieties of pizza called Armando’s Pizza.
After going on an exotic food trip, you might also want to time your road trip for the annual hot air balloon festival held in Angeles City. Witnessed by thousands, the festival draws both local and foreign tourists every year.
Another place of interest is the Betis Church in Guagua. Betis Church should be included on your list if you plan to have a Visita Iglesia. This church has crafts by acclaimed local and international artists on its walls and ceilings.


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