Lantaw Floating Restaurant - Taste the Difference in Cebu

Lantaw Floating Restaurant is located in Day-as, Cordova Cebu. Just half an hour from Mactan Bridge.
Be amazed as you will see the Cebu City lights during night time. Spectacular Views, Friendly Staffs and Delicious Dishes, all have been combined in this restaurant.

The restaurant is owned and operated by Pages Holdings Inc. (PHI), the company behind homegrown brands from Cebu:“ THIRSTY" Fruit Juices & Shakes and Mooon Cafe's Mexican-Inspired Restaurant.

Lantaw promises to be a great addition to the ‘native’ category of restaurants…. a category where quality has not always been easy to find, surprisingly.
Well, you’ll find quality here. Lantaw is the Cebuano term for “can be seen from a distance” and aside from the fact that the restaurant is actually floating, diners can also enjoy a spectacular view of the hills and city of Cebu in the distance. It is of course open so natural sea breezes will keep you cool while the salt water ‘scent’ acts as a natural prop to this wonderful stage. The menu boasts a number of mouthwatering native dishes but clearly fresh fish is the order of the day. []

Talking about foods? Well you will really overwhelm your senses because this restaurant offers variety of delicious dishes. Prices varies depending on your type of foods you order.

Good and Friendly staff that will accommodate you inside Lantaw. Have a nice day and happy eating.


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