What's Good and Best Ideas this Coming Valentines Day? Please Share Ideas mga Pinoy

What will you do this Valentines Day? Share your ideas on how will you prepare in this coming event. Everyone needs suggestions to make that day special and unforgettable.

Kamu what will you do? Please share diri mga Pinoys.
Need jud og mga suggestions..


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  1. Ang love nimu maoy pinaka nindot nga gift..char..

  2. you are talking about prepare man noh? so planning..
    i think the best preparation that you can do is to find a job here in Cebu, hahhahaha..coz valentines day is quite expensive maybe not all but mostly. So if you really want an unforgettable experience with your love one find a job ahead of the expected celebration..You can use Cebu Job Sites for faster visibility sa job vacancies. So, if naa ka job, naa you enough money para magasto sa Valentines. hehehehhe, any ways, in the day of the celebration, maybe try to bring her in a romantic beach, even it's not that expensive, ok rah,then dinner moh adtu! then hatagi xa ug gift w/c is kanang pinaka ganahan or favorite biya..I bet you already know unsa to, :) Good luck!

  3. Wow nice advice. thumbs up

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