Cebu: An Up-and-Coming Destination

Cebu: An Up-and-Coming Destination
Despite the fact that many people around the world have no idea where Cebu is, this out-of-the-way island area is quickly becoming a top choice for those jetting off to foreign lands for adventure or relaxation. Cebu offers a range of excitingtourist attractions, and is being developed to accommodate the throngs of visitors who now travel there each year.
Cebu is in the Phillipines, in an island range between Australia and Southeast Asia. A stone’s throw from “mainland” Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia, the Phillipines float on the eastern edge of the Pacific. A long sliver between the Tanon and Cebu straits, Cebu Island is nestled in the interior of this chain of islands, with Cebu city toward the northern tip of the eastern side.
Part of the appeal of this destination, for many, is its “centrality” – although tucked away in a rather scattered range of unconnected islands, the Phillipines is rather well-placed between Australia and the greater Asian continent. This convenient location is one reason why Cebu has gotten so much attention from globe-trotters looking for remote spots to spend time in while exploring areas of the South Pacific.
Things To Do in Cebu
Cebu offers visitors some of the usual maritime diversions, such as snorkeling, but also promises a rich cultural experience. Local food, music and dance are showcased in various festivals and around the island, with day trips available to other nearby areas. With its budding tourist infrastructure, Cebu is also a prime spot for discovering the wildlife and agriculture of the region, where those from landlocked areas will delight in immersing themselves in an island ecosystem that is, in many ways, astounding in its proximity to “the sea.”
Other tourist sites show off the history of this particular area of the Phillipines. A Taoist temple is just one of many sight-seeing opportunities to learn about how this island culture has developed. The area is somewhat isolated from mainland Asia, but unquestionably influenced by the region. However, though history and culture are on show in Cebu, there are also trips to many relatively uninhabited islands that focus more on pristine topography and a “wild experience.”
Getting to Cebu
Visitors can get direct flights to Cebu from locations such as Hong Kong and Shanghai. Some ferries from nearby spots are also available for those who would prefer one less plane ride. Once on the island, rental cars and taxis are available to carry tourists around the relatively small land mass.
Lots of those who have been to Cebu would say that it’s an unmissable destination for travel to this part of the globe. When planning a larger trip to any of the major Southeast Asian countries, plan on making this beautiful island part of your itinerary.

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