Cebu City’s Top Attractions

Cebu City’s Top Attractions
If you’re traveling to Cebu, don’t head straight to the beaches. There are a number of things to do in Cebu City and they’re all guaranteed to get your trip started on the right foot. From spiritual adventures to historical sites, make sure you check these destinations off your to do list.
The good news is that most travelers land in Cebu City. Plan to spend a couple of days here before heading off the beaches or more rural areas. Around the globe, oftentimes the best places to eat are tucked away in the most populous areas, so now’s the time for gastro enthusiasts to take advantage of a new region’s exotic cuisine.
Bugoy Bikers and Santo Nino Basilica
The Visayas are gorgeous and the best way to see them is by bike. Tours start from Cebu City and you can choose a day-long trip or multi-day trip, depending on your cycling experience and how much you’d like to see. Guides are usually multilingual and know the best vistas and points of interest. Plus, you’ll get your workout squeezed in, too.
However, if history is more up your alley, you must visit the classic Santo Nino Basilica. It’s from the Spanish Colonial era and many people consider it the most stunning piece of architecture in the entire city. Whether you’re a history buff or photographer, it’s one attraction that can’t be missed.
1730 Jesuit House and the Taoist Temple
The Jesuit House is actually a museum and houses quite a few relics and antiques from the region. Aptly named, it was built in 1730 and, although recent renovations were in order for safety, it largely retains the structure of its origins. Although there is a modest entrance fee, the guided tours are free.
The Taoist Temple is incredible, but keep in mind that no photos are allowed here. That’s actually a perk since it makes it a more intimate, stoic experience. Bear in mind that there are many stairs — Cebu City in general isn’t particularly wheelchair-friendly. However, it’s a spiritual experience that everyone will remember for a lifetime.
Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary
Different butterfly species are found around the world and this sanctuary houses some of the rarest species found only in the Philippines. While the interaction and species are impressive, it’s the friendly nature of the family-owned sanctuary that really makes this trip amazing. Expect a warm atmosphere from the moment you arrive; it’s the perfect welcome to Cebu.
No matter where you final destination is in Cebu, carve out a little time to enjoy the offering of the city. Whether you’re on a vacation from your mining truck business, traveling as a student or on a family getaway, the city has something for everyone. Cebu never disappoints, especially when you have a solid itinerary prepared.

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