Your Cebu Bucket List

Your Cebu Bucket List
If you’re traveling to Cebu or one of the surrounding islands, it can be overwhelming to plan your itinerary. Which beaches are best, which resorts have the best amenities and which restaurants are the most delectable? Don’t let the sheer number of possibilities get in the way of a great trip. For a truly once in a lifetime experience, there are a few musts to check off your Cebu bucket list.
First, make sure you visit the Mactan Shrine. You can do it while on a Mactan-centric island-hopping cruise or as a destination in itself. It’s a shrine to LapuLapu, a historical hero, and it’s surrounded by tourist shops and restaurants. It’s a great place to pick up some souvenirs and a requisite photo opportunity.
Plan the First Days
To get a genuine taste of the culture, head to Carbon Market. It’s the US equivalent of a Saturday Market blended with a Farmer’s Market and a fantastic place to score great deals on everything from a sliding table saw to jewelry. Check out the food, people watch and discover handmade treasures that cost a sliver of what you can find in the tourist shops. It’s also relatively tourist-free.
Casa Gorordo is a historic home build in the 1860s and still boasts some furniture and kitchenware from that era. Built in traditional colonial style, it’s a perfectly preserved piece of history. There are rumors that the house may be haunted, and guided tours are available for history buffs who want to know a little more.
Off the Beaten Path
Alegre Guitars is famous amongst musicians, but a must-stop for anyone. The factory offers tours so you can see exactly how these beauties are made or even purchase one for the ultimate keepsake. There are also small ukuleles to fit into suitcases or guitar picks created from the same wood for those who are traveling lightly. It’s a place few people see and makes for great photos.
Magellan Cross is another must-see and located right in the capital city. It was built in 1521 by Ferdinand Magellan and it’s the spot where the first Christian Filipinos were baptized. The shrine was said to have magical powers hundreds of years ago, and people began to chip away at it until a protective knot was built to keep the shrine safe.
Not for the Faint of Heart
Bukilat Cave in Tudela is fairly popular, which can be a good thing for travelers who don’t want to get lost in an underground lair. There are plenty of “skylights” and a shallow pool that’s safe and clean for swimming. It’s the perfect way to escape the heat and to see the underground beauty of the province.
No matter what you do in Cebu, plan well. It would take a lifetime to attempt to see everything, so take it one day and one sight at a time. You can always come back for more!

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