Lake Danao Park in Camotes Island, Cebu - Adventure and Experience

Camotes Island, Cebu - Lake Danao Park in Camotes Island is an extravagant place to visit. Tourists flocking in the area specially during summer. Lake Danao Park offers you great experience in one of the biggest lake in Visayas and Mindanao. You will really enjoy Lake Danao Park and you can rent their different amenities like horse riding and more. Lake Danao Park is located in the town of San Francisco.

How to get to Lake Danao Park
From Consuelo Port you can rent a multicab for a tour going to different places in San Francisco for a cost of 1,500. Entrance fee in Lake Danao Park is worth 15.00 Pesos. Small boat worth 300 Pesos and the big boat is worlth 500 - 600 Pesos (Prices may change without prior notice).

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