New SuperMan "Man of Steel" was Very Nice - Review of Movie

Man of Steel ay ipinalabas na sa Pilipinas and the movie was really great. Action is very very good and the story is totally amazing. Na-beat ng Man of Steel na ito ang previous versions and Superman. Watch nyo sa Ayala Center Cinema Cebu, SM Cinema Cebu, J Centre Mall, SM Consolacion, Gaisano Cineplex Country Mall Cebu.

Man of Steel Review - MANILA, Philippines - Finally, Warner Bros got it right.
Let’s get this out of the way: the action scenes in this movie are very, very good. Every single fight between Superman and the Kryptonian Faora is brutal and that final fight with Zod is so intense it might grow hair on your chest. The level of destruction in this movie is unbelievable and the last 15 minutes or so is pure mayhem. They also finally get to answer the question: “Why can’t people see that Clark Kent is Superman when he’s wearing glasses?”

This Man of Steel is grittier and more real world; Superman causes damage every time he takes off. Humor and romance take a backseat to grim narrative, and optimism is replaced with an orphan’s dogged determination against perceived xenophobia.

Henry Cavill plays Superman as a conflicted superhero -- one traumatized by an event that reinforces his decision to hide his identity even as he continues to do good anonymously. He’s a rougher version of the last son of Krypton, one who does not suffer bullies. There’s not much Clark Kent in this movie but it does lead to a payoff at the Daily Planet that sets up the next movie.

This is also a movie about fathers. Superman has two fathers: Jor-el (Russell Crowe) and Pa Kent (Kevin Costner). Jor-el saves his son by putting him, Moses-like, in a ship bound for earth. He also encodes Kal-el with the power to become the father of a future Krypton, like a biblical Abraham seeding the stars.
While Jor-el gave Kal-El life, it is Pa Kent that shows the young Clark how to live. Costner plays Superman’s dad as a flawed father, one willing to let a bus full of kids die in order to hide his son’s true abilities. It is also this father who sees with hope what bright future is in store for Clark, and pushes him to sacrifice everything for his son.

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