Toyota Vios Cup Season 2 at SRP Cebu City - May 16, 17, 2015 Photos and Videos

Congratulations to Toyota for the successful event, the Vios Cup Season 2 (Cebu Leg) held at SRP Cebu City on May 16, 17, 2015. Thousands of people watched and witness the exciting and the biggest car racing in the Philippines.

Several celebrities join the race including Derek Ramsay, Jasmine Curtis, Phoemela Baranda, Kylie Padilla, Dominic Ochoa, JV Ejercity, Fabio and other celebrity personnel.

It was a very successful event and it was my great first time experience watching car racing. Thanks to Toyota for having the Vios Cup Season 2 held here in Cebu City.

Here are some of the pictures I took during the car racing event.

Hashtags #vioscupcebu #vioscup2015 #toyota became trending in social media accounts. Netizens posted their photos in the event.

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