Only in Cebu: Abellana National School Produced High Ranking Officials in Philippines

I must share this, I found this article from fb page which states Abellana National School the only public school in the Philippines who produced high ranking officials. Cebuanos will be impress.

That Abellana National School (formerly Cebu Provincial High School) is the ONLY Public High School institution in the WHOLE Philippines to have produced the highest ranking official for each of the 3 branches of Philippine Government?

• Executive Branch, President: Carlos P. Garcia

• Legislative Branch, Senate President: Marcelo B. Fernan. He also became a Chief Justice. WOW!

• Judiciary, Chief Justice: Hilario Davide, Jr.

1. Hilario Davide Jr., a native of Argao, Cebu and the father of the present Cebu Provincial Governor Hilario Davide III, is the ONLY Chief Justice in Philippine history to inaugurate a President TWICE.

• Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, 2001 and 2004.

2. Marcelo B. Fernan, to whom the 2nd Mandaue-Mactan bridge was named after, also became a National President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. He earned his Degree in Law in UP Diliman and his Masters Degree in Law in Harvard University. Another "WOW!" for this guy.

3. Marcelo B. Fernan is also the ONLY FILIPINO to have served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and as President of the Senate House. And another "WOW!".

4. Carlos P. Garcia is actually from Bohol. But he earned his High School diploma in Abellana National School and his College Degree in University of San Carlos.

5. Hilario Davide, Jr. and Marcelo Fernan both earned their Degree in Law in UP Diliman; Carlos P. Garcia and Marcelo Fernan are both Scorpio, while Hilario Davide, Jr. is a Sagittarius- a zodiac sign next to Scorpio.

6. There would have been NO Cebu Normal University(CNU) and Cebu Technological University(CTU) WITHOUT Abellana National School(ANS). CNU and CTU were actually a satellite or "umbrella" schools of ANS before they became a separate school.

7. Abellana National School never ends the year without producing a Board/Bar Topnotcher Alumnus/Alumna.

In 2013, Alma Almira Jumawan ranked 9th in the Nursing Licensure Examination. She graduated 1st Honorable Mention in Abellana. Also in the same year, Manuel Elijah J. Sarausad of UC topped 6th in the Bar Examination. He graduated Valedictorian in Abellana.

8. Contrary to what most people believe in, Abellana National School is a PUBLIC school; not private.

"Cebu is very proud of Abellana National School and its graduates."


[ON THE PHOTO is an aerial shot of Abellana National School Campus including the Abellana Sports Complex which is now operated by the Cebu City Government.]

source: I Am Cebuano on FB Page

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