Passenger Ship MV Wonderful Stars is Burning at Ormoc City Port - Cebu

MV Wonderful Stars of Roble Shipping Inc burnt while docked at Ormoc City port early Saturday, August 15, 2015. MV Wonderful Stars was came from Cebu City and arrived in Ormoc City at round 4am when passengers noticed a smoke emanating from vessel's engine room.

The ship is carrying over 500 passengers. According to officials that there were no casualties recorded and only 3 people got minor injuries which was being treated by medical personnel.

Lieutenant Prolen Bonacua, civil military officer of the Philippine Army's 19th Infantry Batallion, said that as of posting, 3 people were reported to have minor injuries, and there were no reports of casualties, so far. The M/V Wonderful Stars of Roble Shipping Line carried 544 passengers, based on the manifest.

Captain William Isaga, Philippine Coast Guard District Commander in Eastern Visayas, said in an interview on DZBB that at least two people were rushed to the hospital following the blaze. (

photo by shon paulo

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