BREAKING: Powerful Typhoon Wutip Intensifies in Pacific Ocean #PhilippineAlert

Updates: February 20, 2019
A powerful typhoon Wutip has formed and slowly intensifies as it moves WNW. Several models from different weather agencies were published which we could not tell as of now to where this typhoon Wutip will hit but majority of them shows no threat to Philippines.

Tropical Storm "Wutip" has intensified to a Typhoon by Japan Meteorological Agency, becoming the first typhoon for this season. It is now moving WNW towards Guam.

Position: 6.1°N, 150.5°E
Location: 200 km. SW of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia or 1,030 km. SE of Guam or 2,770 km. ESE of Davao City, Philippines
Strength: 120 kph
Movement: WNW
Speed: 20 kph
Pressure: 975 hPa

The chance of entering to PAR is now VERY LOW.

Image source: JMA and RAMMB

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