Enjoy, Relax at Green Mountain Spring Farm Resort and Spa in Barili Cebu

Escape from the busy life in the city. Enjoy, relax and experience the beauty of Green Mountain Spring Farm Resort and Spa. The most relaxing and most affordable resort in Barili Cebu with great ambiance and exclusive feeling like you are at your own home. #FeelatHome

Green Mountain resort offers you the pool, house and the amenities like gas stove, refrigerator, utensils and even mineral water. All you have to bring is the food you are going to consume for the rest of your trip. No add-on fees.

How to get there?
You need to book early or days before you go there. They might not be available if you're a walk-in customer since the resort will accommodate only one group. From Cebu City, you can ride a bus going to Barili, Cebu proper. From there, you can then call the owner to pick you up going to the resort. Travel time is around 30 minutes.

How much?
The reservation fee is 3,000 Pesos good for 10 people and you will have the full usage of resort's amenities.

As I've said, you will really enjoy while you're staying at the Green Mountain Spring Farm resort and Spa.


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