Easter Sunday Quotes and Messages of Christianity - Jesus is Risen

Jesus is risen and every Christians is overwhelm and full of grace and hope. Our hearts felt the emotions of becoming freedom from the sin we have because of Jesus.
Open your heart and you will see God’s gift for you.
Clear your mind and you will understand the message of this special celebration.
Choose your deed so that you will see Christ in every person.
Have a great Easter!
We may overlook some of the important things in life
When we are carried away by other things that keep us occupied.
It is good to step back and slow down
So we can recall all of the things we should be grateful for.
Easter is a good time for recollection
And being thankful for all the blessings that we have in our lives.
Happy Easter!
May the blood of Christ cleanse your soul
and protect you from all the evil things that might disturb you.
Pray and celebrate this Easter!
We are equally treated special by God.
He is the Father who is willing to sacrifice even His own Son to save us all.
Be inspired of such selfless love!
Happy Easter!
Fill your life with new hope, new goals, new aspirations this Easter.
Have a meaningful Easter celebration!
Easter reminds us how God has been good to us.
He gave His own precious son to save us from our sins.
Let’s return the favor by sharing our blessings to others.
Happy Easter!

Christian Easter Wishes

This is the perfect time to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ. Spread the joy of Easter with the following spiritual Easter messages and religious Easter greeting messages that will open our eyes to the love of God.
Praise Christ for He has defeated death and saved us all!
Happy Easter!
Glorify the Lord who sacrificed His own Son for us.
Give thanks and celebrate His life!
Blessed are the people who experience the presence of Christ in their lives.
Live to be a life to others as well. Have a blessed Easter!
May you always find peace and forgiveness in your heart.
Shine brightly and shed light to others.
Happy Easter!
I want to share this day’s blessing of hope and love.
Reach out to those who need it too! Praise the Lord!
Hallelujah! To God be the glory.
He didn’t fail to save us.
Happy Easter!
May your heart be filled with joy
As we receive another gift of life from Jesus Christ.
Happy Easter!

source: 365greetings.com
img source: catholicmom

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