The Twelve Disciples (Apostles) Of Jesus - Life and Death

Jesus's disciples were some of the most well-known and influential figures in Christian history. The twelve disciples names, life and death story you need to know to strengthen your  beliefs to Jesus and Christianity.


Andrew was the brother of Peter and a son of Jonas. They lived in Bethsaida and Capernaum and were fishermen before he was called by Jesus to be one of the disciples. Andrew was among the inner circle in the time of Jesus and drew people to Christ and introduce other to the master. Andrew died in Greece in a town of Patra, a martyr as he was arrested and condemned by Governor Aepeas to die on the cross.


He’s also known as Nathaniel and was the son of Talmai who lived in Cana in Galilee. He was from a royal family as his father was the king of Geshur, and whose daughter was the wife of David. Jesus called him a true Israelite in whom there’s nothing false. He was a great searcher of the scripture and died a martyr after being flayed alive with knives.

James, Son of Zebedee

James was the son of Zebedee and Salome and a brother of John the Apostle. He was a fisherman who lived in Bethsaida, Capernaum, and Jerusalem. He was also a member of the inner circle and was accorded special privileges. He was a man who displayed the fruits of the Holy Spirit with an extraordinary faith. He preached in Jerusalem and Judea and was beheaded by Herod and became the first martyr among the twelve.

James, Son of Alpheus

James was the son of Alpheus and Mary and a brother to Jude, another apostle. He lived in Galilee and was one of the less known disciples but was a man of a strong character and was an exemplary and fiery man. He also died a martyr as his body was sawed into pieces and the saw became his apostolic symbol.


John was the son of Zebedee and Salome and a brother of the apostle James. He was a fisherman who lived in Bethsaida, Capernaum, and Jerusalem. He is known as the beloved disciple was a member of the inner circle and close to Peter. He was a very ambitious man with explosive tempers and an intolerant heart. He wrote the books of John, 1st John, 2nd John 3rd John, and Revelation. There was an attempt on his life, but God spared him and died a natural death.

Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot was the son of Simon who lived in Kerioth of Judah. He is known as the traitor because he betrayed Jesus with a kiss to the hands of the enemy for thirty pieces of silver and hanged himself afterward. Jesus knew Judas was going to betray Him before he even did it. He was a covetous man seeking to be recognized by the Governor.


Jude was also known as Thaddeus or lebbeus, and was a brother of James the son of Alpheus. He lived in Galilee, and little regarding him was known. He preached the gospel in many places, including the Euphrates river, healed many, and many others believed in the name of the master. He went on to preach the gospel and was killed with arrows at Ararat.


Matthew was also known as Levi and was the son of Alpheus who lived in Capernaum. He was a tax collector, in the Jewish culture they were hated for being very unjust but still Jesus saw the potential in him and chose him. He wrote the Gospel of Matthew and also was the first man to write the teaching of Jesus in Hebrew language and laid down his life for the faith of the master.


After Judas Iscariot had committed suicide, Matthias was selected to replace him. There is nowhere in the Bible that records that Matthias was with Jesus throughout his ministry. Another one under consideration Joseph or Barabbas but lots were cast, and Matthias was chosen. Historical sources indicate that Matthias spread the gospel on the shores of the Caspian. He lived till the 80 A.D.

Simon Peter

Simon Peter was the son of Jonas who was a fisherman and lived in Bethsaida and Capernaum. He was a member of the inner circle of Jesus, and he did his missionary and evangelistic work as far as Babylon. He was the author of two books in the Bible, namely 1st Peter and 2nd Peter. He was martyred on a cross, and he requested to be crucified head downwards as he was not worthy to die as his master.


Philip was from Bethesda, just as Peter and Andrew were. He becomes a living personality in the Gospel of John. He was the first man that Jesus told to follow him, and he believed that He was the one prophets described by Moses. He had a warm heart and a pessimistic mind, and very much desired to do for others but often couldn’t see how they could be done. He was hanged, and when he was dying, he requested his body be wrapped in papyrus, not in linen as Jesus was.

Simon the Zealot

Little regarding the life of of Simon the Zealot is known outside of what is recorded in the Bible. He was a Canaanite who lived in Galilee. He was a zealot and Zealots were fanatical Jewish nationalists who had heroic disregard for suffering involved and the struggle for what they regarded as the purity of their faith. But in the end, he emerged as a man of faith and died a martyr and saw that God would have no forced service.


Thomas Didymus lived in Galilee and was a pessimistic and bewildered man, yet one known for his courage. He could not believe until he had seen, but during the resurrection of Jesus, his doubts turned to faith after seeing the risen Christ. After all these, he was commissioned to build a palace for the king of India and was killed with a spear as a martyr for his Lord.


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