New Adventure and Attraction at Manayon Peak in Balirong, Naga City, Cebu

Get ready and tell your friends and a new adventure and tourists attraction at Manayon Peak in Balirong, Naga City, Cebu.  Mao ni ang another place that must be included in your adventure list kay gawas nga nindot, duol ra pajud. This is also a place nga pwede sa mga cyclists kay this is challenging place kay naa pud ni ahon.

MANAYON PEAK of Balirong, Naga, Cebu 

📍How to get there:

➡️If you are commuting, from Cebu City you can ride a bus going to Balirong proper, Naga. Hop on a habal2x in Balirong road going to the peak.

➡️If using a motorcycle, you can pinpoint balirong road and from there you can ask locals for the location or you can ask a habal2x to guide you going to the peak


If planning to go there, bring food and water since walay mapalitan sa camp site, not accessible by car. If you go by motorcycle, expect a muddy trail especially mag ulan, and most importantly ayaw pag hugaw2x, LEAVE NO TRACE👌💯🙏.. 

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📍Credits to the Honda ADV Club of Cebu (HACC) for this another adventure. 


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