Wow! Water Terraces Falls in Catang Argao, Cebu - New Tourists Destination, Laag ta bai

Here's a must visit place this summer, the Water Terraces Falls in Catang Argao. It has a unique style and a very crystal clean clear water plus very affordable entrance fee for travelers. Mao ni ang sikat karon nga waterfalls kay gawas nga nindot is pwerteng nindota pajud sa place kay unique og makamangha ang bag-ong style sa waterfalls nga imong makita. 

Ang Water Terraces Falls dili nimu makita sa laing lugar kung dili diri rajud ni sa Catang Argao, Cebu lang jud which is now is a booming place for travelers and those who loves to swim in a combination of Swiming Pool and Waterfalls. Tara bai manglaag ta sa bag-ong destination karong summer.

How to get there and can you give other details? Well, below are the details that you need to know.

" Water Terraces Falls " 

🕓 Opening hours: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

🌍 Exact Location: Brgy Catang Argao | approx. 10mins to 15mins from proper Argao

📌 How to get there?

🗺 Via commute: If you are from Cebu City just ride a bus na pa Argao then tell the driver to drop you sa Bus stop sa Argao. Then after ride a motor padung Argao Public Market. Then sakay nasad kag laing motor padung sa Catang possible fare is 30.00 pesos to 50.00 pesos I’m not sure pilay exact plete since kani na resort if bag o pa nag open. 

🗺 Via private vehicle : You can use wazed or google map then search the exact location of the resort.

📌 Entrance: 

• Adult - 50.00 pesos per person

• Kids - 25.00 pesos per person

📷 Photos by : Septemius Severus via Proud Bisaya


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