"Konnichiwa" Experience Japan at the Little Kyoto in Cebu - Beauty of Cebu

Are you dreaming to go to Japan but can't afford the travel expenses? You don't need to worry because you can now experience Japan at the new Little Kyoto in Cebu. Ma-experience nimu ang Japanese culture, favorite and popular foods and also the popular tourist attraction in Japan.

The lying Buddha and also the sculpture of Hachico is there. So, when you visit here kay mura jud kag naa sa Japan. All staffs are dressed in Japanese attire and you can hear people saying in Japanese language.

Basta if moari mo kay dili jud mo magmahay kay grabeh kanindot sa place and sa tanan nga naghandom nga makaadto og Japan is mao jud ni ang time to experience in a cheap way na dili nata mogasto for thousands of pesos.

Where is it Located?

We are located in Sitio Lamacan, Babag Uno, Cebu City, 6000

How to Get to Sachiko's Little Kyoto?

You can hire a taxi to get there to make it easier and it's the most comfortable to get there during these times of pandemic.

Contact Numbers:

Contact us at 0998-512-9605.

Entrance Fees:

Our entrance fee are as follows : 

Adult : P60

Minor above 4ft height : P30

Children below 4ft are considered free of charge

Food Prices:


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