The Festival of All the Festivals in Cebu "Pasigarbo sa Sugbu"

"Pasigarbo sa Sugbu" is an annual event held in Cebu province in the Philippines. It is a grand and colorful celebration showcasing the rich cultural heritage, traditions, and talents of the different cities and municipalities within the province of Cebu.

The event typically features various activities and competitions, including beauty pageants, street dancing, cultural performances, and floats adorned with elaborate decorations. Local government units, schools, and organizations participate in the festivities, presenting their unique customs and artistic expressions.

"Pasigarbo sa Sugbu" serves as a platform to promote and preserve Cebuano culture, as well as to foster unity and pride among the people of the province. It is one of the highlights of Cebu's cultural calendar and attracts both local residents and visitors who want to experience the vibrant and diverse cultural heritage of the region.

Please note that event details and specifics may have changed after my last update, so I recommend checking more recent sources for the most up-to-date information about "Pasigarbo sa Sugbu" if you're interested in attending the event. Mostly it will fall on last week of August every year. 


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