BREAKING NEWS: Sharmaine Flores, 17 Found Dead in Toledo City, Cebu #RIP

 Sharmaine Flores, 17 yrs old raped and kil.led in Toledo City, Cebu. This is now the trending news about a young student who was found dead at the road side in Toledo City.

A lot of people offer their condolences and sympathy to the bereaved family. They call for immediate justice and capture those who did this barbaric act to Sharmaine Flores. 

"Pagkalouy gyud kay adto raba ni siya magtulganan sa Madre usahay pero gilugos og gipatay ra sa mga walay kasingkasing nga tawo. Dapat mahatagan og hustista ang kamatayon ni Sharmaine Flores."

Police are now investigating and will work to immediately capture those who killed and raped Sharmaine.

: photos from fb


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